Pimp C Wavy Holographic Pokemon Card (1 of 1)

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Limited Edition Pimp C Wavy Holographic Pokemon Card.
  • Limited Quantity 1 of 1
  • Created from authentic Pokemon Cards Handmade by D.Hawks and B.Hopp of Studio 2099.
*You are paying for the supplies, and labor to create a custom card using our own materials and actual Pokémon cards as a canvas for custom-made art. By purchasing you are accepting that you understand we are including only custom cards in this pack and that I am making no claims of ownership of images or characters contained with these cards. These cards are not created by Pimp C, Atlantic, Pokémon or any other entity and do not represent a claim that I own this intellectual property. All licenses are held by their respective owners. You are paying for our time to make this custom art for you.