ABOUT 2099

Who's in Studio 2099?

Video - D.Hawks

Video - RK Production

Booking Manager - Brittany Hopper

Photographer - J.Rugg

Creative - Massi

Music - Xaiver D Lee


What is Studio 2099?

We are a collection of artists who produce visual and audio content.

What kind of Content?

Music Videos, Interviews, Behind The Scenes, Vlogs, Podcasts, Music, Event Recaps and Original content 

Where is Studio 2099 located?


 How long does shipping take?

5 to 10 business days

How do I book Studio 2099 for a music video?

Email ContactStudio2099@gmail.com

How do I get an interview on Studio 2099?

Email ContactStudio2099@gmail.com 

What is Music Video Night?

A visual art show held at Studio 2099 for creatives and fans to purchase merch and network while we premiere new music videos and content